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About CNCA:

“Nepalese presence in the Calgary region started in early Seventies. By 1980 more Nepalese began arriving to look for prosperity and higher education. In early Eighties the Medical Faculty of the University of Calgary started inviting medical doctors from Nepal for training as part of the Surkhet Hospital Project. Mountaineering and trekking business started to boom and Corporations started to explore oil and minerals in Nepal . This sudden increased interest in Nepal caused Calgary to require some kind of Orientation Program for those people before heading to Nepal . In response Calgary ’s then Nepali residents, the Faculty of Medicine Professors and Nepalese Medical Students organized and registered the Nepali Canadian Association (NCA) in 1985.

After its establishment in 1985 the Nepali Canadian Association actively promoted friendship with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Calgary . It participated in orientation of Nepal with local Mountaineering and Trekking groups and corporations. As well it expanded awareness of Nepali culture with the Multi-Cultural Society of Calgary. In 1988, during the Winter Olympic Games, the NCA promoted Nepali Arts, Crafts and Food by participating in the exhibition. It translated Olympic venues into Nepali language and volunteered wherever they could. .

The Surkhet Hospital Project wrapped up towards late Eighties and the Nepali doctors returned home after finishing their studies. Many of the Medical Faculty Professors retired and some of the Nepali residents relocated from Calgary . As a result barely few members in the Association were left and thus forcing the Nepali Canadian Association to a dormant state for a while.

Early Nineties saw again the arrival of few Nepali student families to pursue Post Graduate Education in the Engineering Faculties of the University of Calgary . With Canada opening its door to the skilled international labor market, the influx of Nepali immigrants started in Canada in the mid-nineties. Lots of Nepalese found Calgary as the place of choice as not only the employment opportunities in Calgary are good but also it offers all the amenities of a modern city and being very close to beautiful places like Banff , Lake Louise and Rocky Mountains . Therefore, from 1997 onwards there was a tremendous increase of Nepali population in Calgary . With increasing Nepali populace in Calgary , it was felt that organizing the Nepalese community at this stage will strengthen the social cohesiveness and harmony. A public meeting was held in 2001 and the meeting decided to reactivate this Association.

Towards the end of 2006 the Nepali population in Calgary is estimated to exceed 300 and increasing forever. The focus of the Association shifted more towards serving the needs of Nepali populace in Calgary . In the summer picnic gathering on July 22, 2006 the members voted to change the association name to Calgary Nepalese Community Association (CNCA) to reflect the purpose of the Association.

Now the Association has become a full-fledged organization and holds a great pride in being able to instill sense of belonging among the Canadian-Nepalese community here in Calgary . The Association offers its members varieties of services like celebration of important Nepali social and cultural festivals as well as language classes. The regular programs offered by the Association include Nepali New Year celebration, summer picnic/BBQ, Dashain festival, Nepali cultural show/English New Year celebration and Nepali language classes. In addition, contingent upon availability of volunteers, the Association supports and organizes other culturally/religiously significant festivals like MhaPuja, Lhosar, Teej, Buddha Jayanti, Shiva Ratri and Krishna Astami etc. Through this process, we expect to contribute our role to the multi-cultural atmosphere in Calgary and to make Calgary culturally vibrant.”

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